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Solutions for every port challenge

Modern ports face complex challenges that range from nautical and logistical chain management to commercial development and integration between city and port. In these and other areas, we have ample experience in the port of Amsterdam. We contribute our experience and expertise by helping local authorities understand and navigate these challenges.

The Port of Amsterdam International team focuses on long term solutions for port development and management and cruise terminal development and management. Our solutions are based on our work in Amsterdam and centred around sound strategy, knowledge sharing and proven methods. We cover the full range of port and cruise terminal development and management, including services as area redevelopment, operational reviews, and strategic evaluations.  

Our global partners

Tying boats together

Amsterdam is the 4th largest port in Europe. This gives us a global network across many different industries. It is these relationships and networks that we bring to help our partners develop or redevelop ports and cruise terminals around the world. For example, our collaboration within Amsterdam Port Consultants gives clients immediate access to parties with complementary knowledge.

Our focus is on regions of strategic importance to the port of Amsterdam: the Middle East, West Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean. It is our goal therefore to establish long-lasting partnerships that create mutual added value. This commitment means we can facilitate the development of our clients over any desired period of time.  

What we believe in

At Port of Amsterdam International, we believe in real connections. These are instrumental in building partnerships and defining flexible solutions to a fast-changing environment. We link our clients with the expertise in our network, meaning they always have access to renowned parties in the industry. Whether the challenges are port development and management, or cruise terminal related. 

In practice, this means different things in every location. But with every partner, we work together to make the port a strong and meaningful part of the local community. We always develop the knowledge of the local management and work force to raise overall performance. We believe that our joint and flexible approach creates lasting added value for port, city and region.